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19 Sep

Breakfast Cart Advertising

When walking on the streets on NYC one will come across many different types of pushcarts selling breakfast, roasted nuts, lunch etc… Most of the carts are located in densely populated areas where thousands of people walking by them each day. Why not monetize the sides of the pushcarts with advertisements?

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17 Aug

My Favorite Interaction Design

Background and Introduction to Svpply

Svpply is a website that helps people discover new products by the means of social retail bookmarking.  To get started using the website users login and select product they “want” or “own” and based on the products they select they will be feed related products in their news feed. Users can also view what other users “own” and “want”. Additionally, users can easily purchase product they discover directly from the Svpply application. Read More

17 Aug

Horsepower vs. RPMs (Phin Barnes)

Investing in Design: Horsepower vs. RPMs – Phin Barnes from William Evans on Vimeo.


 My favorite Quote From Investing in Design: Horsepower vs. RPMs 

In Phin Barnes’s video titled “Horsepower vs. RPMs my favorite quote is  “get everyone to understand the power of iteration… this is all about mindset not skillset… When everyone buys in- that is when you can maximize your iteration cycles and shorten your feedback loops”.   Phin explains that good companies adapt the design mindset- what that means is that everyone in the organization works together and understand that the product teams need fast iteration.  Phin proves his point further by stating that in our days most companies are using the same factories, it is the companies that can iterate faster and adapt processes that will succeed.

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03 Aug

My Design Hero

Eli Orgels design  hero BJ Fogg

About BJ Fogg

BJ is the head of the Standford University  Persuasive Tech Lab where he studies: methods for creating habits, showing what causes behavior, automating

behavior change and working with mobile heath. BJ has been listed by Fortune Magazine as one of the “Top New 10 Gurus You Should Know” and is very popular among designers for his various models, charts and graphs. BJ has also created the word “captology”.

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