17 Aug

Horsepower vs. RPMs (Phin Barnes)

Investing in Design: Horsepower vs. RPMs – Phin Barnes from William Evans on Vimeo.


 My favorite Quote From Investing in Design: Horsepower vs. RPMs 

In Phin Barnes’s video titled “Horsepower vs. RPMs my favorite quote is  “get everyone to understand the power of iteration… this is all about mindset not skillset… When everyone buys in- that is when you can maximize your iteration cycles and shorten your feedback loops”.   Phin explains that good companies adapt the design mindset- what that means is that everyone in the organization works together and understand that the product teams need fast iteration.  Phin proves his point further by stating that in our days most companies are using the same factories, it is the companies that can iterate faster and adapt processes that will succeed.

As a big basketball player it is easy for me to relate to this concept of “it’s all about mindset not skillset”. On the basketball court you could have 5 really good players that can shoot and dribble really well, but if the team does not play as a team- they are worthless. Same thing applies to their mindset, if you have a team of good players who are not serious about their game, don’t have confidence in one another, or lack confidence in the team’s ability as a whole the team has a very large chance of failure.

I believe that it is imperative for companies have a good team and set a strong company culture. A team that understand the value of fast feedback loops, a team that knows how to listen to their customers and a team in which management that knows how to give the right feedback. When an organization from the accounting department to the design department, has adapted these design mindsets the organization will flourish and be very successful.

 How I Applied What I Learned From Investing in Design: Horsepower vs. RPMs 

One of the things Phine mentioned in his presentation was that it is very important for companies to make “actionable dashboards”  that the employees will see on a daily basis.  When I watched this video I was employed by The Rosenblum Law Firm. The person responsible for answering the phone was one of the main backbones of the firm because it was their duty to  convert the potential clients into actual paying clients. For each phone call the associate answering the phone captured basic information about the potential client and mark if they became a client or not.  I created a dynamic dashboard that informed the associate that answers the phone what their conversion rate is so they could continuous work on improving it. This lead to a 6% increase in phone call conversion rates.






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