03 Aug

My Design Hero

Eli Orgels design  hero BJ Fogg

About BJ Fogg

BJ is the head of the Standford University  Persuasive Tech Lab where he studies: methods for creating habits, showing what causes behavior, automating

behavior change and working with mobile heath. BJ has been listed by Fortune Magazine as one of the “Top New 10 Gurus You Should Know” and is very popular among designers for his various models, charts and graphs. BJ has also created the word “captology”.

Behavior Model

This model created by BJ, depicts what is necessary to spur a behavior; motivation, ability and a trigger.







Behavior Grid

In this behavior grid BJ defines 15 different types of behavior. This grid is often referenced as an easy way to name different types of human behavior.





Why I Choose BJ Fogg as My Design Hero

In my opinion, every piece of design should have a target goal for what the user should to do/feel when interacting or viewing that bit of design work.  Many people spend too much time focusing on the esthetics and are not focusing on understanding how they can influence human behavior through their design.  BJ Fogg who has spent the past 18 years studying how one can influence behavior through design, breaks down how to design for change which fascinate me beyond belief.  What interest me the most, is understanding human behavior; understanding the step-by-step psychological process humans make before acting upon something, how through using triggers and schedules of reinforcement can I get someone to repeat a behavior and understanding that by breaking down tasks into smaller steps things become easier. Many of these frameworks and methods can all be contributed to BJ Fogg’s work – this is why he is my design hero!

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