17 Aug

My Favorite Interaction Design

Background and Introduction to Svpply

Svpply is a website that helps people discover new products by the means of social retail bookmarking.  To get started using the website users login and select product they “want” or “own” and based on the products they select they will be feed related products in their news feed. Users can also view what other users “own” and “want”. Additionally, users can easily purchase product they discover directly from the Svpply application.

Svpply app

What’s Awesome About Svpply’s  Interaction Design?

The svpply website is has a standard layout and clean visual design.  The svpply iphone app has a really intuitive and elegant interaction design.  When a person loads the app they are faced with a screen that cut in half by the navigation and product feed. (See image) A user can navigate within the website by swiping their figure across the screen. For example is someone is on the page product page they can move back to the navigation by swiping left. Providing many different layers on every page.  This is naturally like the back button.  The buttons within the application flow smoothly and wipe off the screen in a cool way.

How can Svpply Improve their User Experience ?

Svpply is dependent on their user to add products to their profiles. Currently there is no direct reward for users who add many products to their profile. I would suggest that svpply add a feature within each users’ profile that says “number of influences”. This counter will count the number of time a user posted a product and someone else added it to their list of “wants” or actually purchased that product.  This will give an incentive for users to upload more products in an attempt to influence people. People will consider this an incentive because everyone wants to be recognized as someone who is considered a big influencer.

Svpply app  improvement

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