Web Developer and SEO consultant in New Jersey

Website Development That Comes With A SEO Strategy

I focus on web development with a primary focus on WordPress and SEO. Each website build comes with a SEO strategy. I want to see the website I build succeed! I can assist migration and provide a marketing roadmap for how get traffic and future business!
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Elie is an SEO wizard!

It was great working with Elie. First of all, he took the time to understand our SEO needs and then he basically carried the ball on the technical aspects of the project. He diagnosed our SEO issues and worked directly with our web developers to implement the necessary solutions. Aside from his technical skills, Elie is extremely personable and works well cross-team, interfacing with both developers and product stakeholders for the duration of the product.

Thanks Elie; I am pleased to give you my most enthusiastic endorsement!

Yossi G
CTO at rater8
Elie worked for Someecards.com SEO consultant. He worked with both the editorial team and development team to help with strategy, optimizations and best practices. He’s very organized, a great communicator, and a nice person to work with. The work resulted in in creased organic traffic to our site.

Duncan M
CEO at Someecards
Elie has proven himself to be extremely valuable. He brings great insight in to the world of SEO and how it impacts a business. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on multiple occasions, at different companies with different goals. Each time he has presented thoughtful ideas that have been very well suited to the business at hand.

On a personal level, Elie is very easy to work with and a pleasure to have around.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Jason B
CTO at Spider Studios
Elie worked for me for 2 years at the American Kennel Club as Director of Audience Development as part of the AKC Growth team. Our goal was to leverage the AKC brand and build a leading Digital Media business within the Pet Care industry.

Elie is a true entrepreneur and did a phenomenal job of embracing innovation and change, building out the team and helping us achieve extraordinary results. He is very solution focused and is not intimidated by change or ambiguity. Elie is very much a “take charge” individual and can be counted on to not only find a solution but deliver results.

Liz Sorota
Senior Marketing Leader at AKC