We operate and maintain websites

A common misconception about websites is that development is a one-time event and that the website is static. A website is in need of continuous maintenance and updating like a car service. We always ensure that my WordPress websites are updated and placed on reliable servers.

Reliable servers

Websites we develop are always stored on reliable servers.

Automatic update

Plugins and systems on your site are updated weekly.

Verification of adaptations

I always ensure that the website is not affected by any update.

Immunify 360 technology

A multilayer protection that servers use to reduce the possibility of penetration.

99.99% uptime

I can almost guarantee that your website will never be shut down.

Environmentally friendly Electricity

I protect the environment and have therefore chosen environmentally friendly servers, as a climate-compensating measure.

You need my maintenance if:

  • You do not have time to manually review and update your site.
  • You want to make sure that your website is functional and constantly updated.
  • Your website is slow.

You do not need my maintenance if:

  • You have your own IT department in your company.
  • You feel satisfied with your current supplier.
  • You want to be able to manually review and update your website yourself.